Who We Are

Prem Jain - Gems One’s founder. Began in business in 1974, working part-time selling loose gemstones while also in the employ of NCR as an engineer. Seven years later his business had grown to the extent that he resigned from NCR to pursue his own business full time from his home office in Dayton, Ohio.


In 1992, his son Anuj joined the company and the family opened an office in New York City under the name Gems One. In relatively short order they opened a factory in India and began selling finished jewelry with a focus on colored stones and bracelets. But continued as a precious gemstone and diamond dealer.


Today Gems One supplies over 1000 Independent Jewelry stores throughout the United States and is known for selling quality products as well as for production of successful marketing programs. Having recently merged with Diarough Group the world’s largest rough diamond dealer with divisions including a leading Sight holder and several large state-of-the-art jewelry manufacturing units. Gems One is properly positioned to provide high quality products from the very top of the jewelry food chain.


Gems One belongs to many of the major Buying Groups including RJO, CBG and Leading Jewelers Guild and is also a participant in the Prime Group. Gems One’s sales team has coverage throughout the United States but sells only to Independent Jewelry stores. We are committed exclusively to the success of our Independent Jeweler customers.